Laminate Flooring North Wales

Bogans Carpets were founded back in 1948 and have proudly been serving carpet and flooring products to those across the whole of the North West of England. Therefore, we have been people's go-to carpet provider for over 70 years.

We have so many carpet and flooring options to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice at Bogans Carpets. Choose from the likes of laminate flooring, carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, and vinyl flooring too - we have something for everyone to suit every style and budget.

The importance of getting the flooring right for your home can make the world of difference. New flooring has the ability to enhance a room, lift it and make you fall in love with your home interiors all over again.

If you are in the North Wales area, we are more than capable of providing you with our laminate flooring. From selecting the right laminate flooring for your tastes and your needs, right the way through to delivery and laminate flooring installation - we have got you covered at Bogans Carpets.

Invest in new laminate flooring today, whether you need it for domestic or commercial flooring purposes. Choose from a range of styles, tones and colours to suit any room in your home and read on to learn more about laminate flooring.


Laminate Flooring North Wales

Laminate flooring is engineered from wood board that has been compressed together to form the base of laminate. The board is then topped with an image layer that gives it that laminate flooring finish and the look of real hardwood flooring. The top layer is also textured to give the appearance and feel of real wood too.

Wooden flooring is a popular finish for floors in many homes. The thing about real wood is that it is a costly option and one that many people cannot justify. Laminate flooring costs just a fraction of the price of real hardwood and has many more benefits too.

Laminate flooring does not need special treatments or care over time to keep it looking fresh. Laminate is a flooring material that is super easy to clean and gives the most luxurious look and feel to a room, without costing the earth.


Ideal for Families and Pets

Laminate flooring is cleverly scratch resistant, which means that is the perfect flooring to have for young families and for households with pets too. This is due to the hard-coated material of laminate flooring, which makes for easy cleaning too - a must for households with pets.

Say goodbye to any lingering smells, dirt and dust with laminate floors. They are easy to clean, which means they will be fresh and sparkling at all times.

With these benefits, it is no surprise that laminate flooring is among one of the most popular flooring styles out there. Not to mention that laminate flooring is also hypoallergenic so it will not accumulate dust at all, a total plus for allergy sufferers.


Choosing Laminate Fit for Purpose

Popular for rooms across the home, laminate flooring can be fit for usage in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and halls. Any room is not an exception for laminate flooring, as long as the room is not exposed to excessive moisture.

Laminate can be an extremely durable floor and can withstand high levels of traffic within the home. This makes laminate flooring a good long-term investment as you will know that it will last you. With the plus of laminate being a low-maintenance flooring option, what is not to love?

With not much maintenance in order to keep it looking fresh, then why don’t you, a resident of North Wales, enquire about laminate flooring today?


Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring for You

Choosing a floor of any kind can be a daunting process. We understand this at Bogans Carpets, so if you are unsure what type of flooring to go for or which laminate would be best for your needs, then we can help assist you in making the right decision.

If your desired requirements for your flooring type include being hard-wearing, durable, and easily cleanable whilst looking totally stylish and nice to look at, then laminate floors can be a fantastic option for you.

If you are from North Wales, choose Bogans Carpets to get your laminates from. Our family-run business will not let you down and you won’t be beaten on price.


Special Orders

If you can’t find the perfect flooring for you, then do not worry. Due to our amazing ties with our European and UK flooring manufacturers, we can source flooring from elsewhere that we do not have in stock, both from overseas and nationally too.

You will not need to worry about us not having your perfect flooring in our stock range - we will source it from elsewhere if you simply cannot find what you are looking for.

This service comes at no extra cost to our customers, as your customer satisfaction is very important to us. Delivery times usually take between 2-3 days so you won’t have long to wait for your flooring.


Visit a Showroom

If you are in North Wales and are on the market for laminate flooring, you helpfully have three showrooms to visit us at. Our showrooms are located in Liverpool, Birkenhead and Two Mills too. We would love to help you find your new laminate floor or any other flooring type for that matter.

Drop in, speak to an expert and let us advise you in person whilst you browse some flooring samples in the flesh. This may help you better visualise the new flooring in your home.

Whether you come and visit us, or pick up the phone, one of our advisors can help you and give you a no-obligation free quote on everything including your floor, to delivery and floor fitting. This way you can manage your costs and budget accordingly.


Why Choose Bogans Carpets?

As experts, we successfully have been running our family business for many years. Fantastic products and services are what we can provide to you in North Wales and we are continually recommended to others. Our decades of success show everyone that what we do here we do it really well.

We are passionate about all floors at Bogans Carpets, so why not enquire today? If you would like to know more about our products including our laminate flooring options then contact us or visit us. Whatever you decide to do, we will be waiting and happy to help you on the journey to your brand-new floors.

In the meantime do browse our website for some more inspiration and information about our laminates and other flooring types.