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Your hallway may not be a room that you relax in, but it’s an area of the home that welcomes you and your guests every time they step through the door and so making sure it is inviting is actually pretty important.

But obviously it’s not all about looks, the flooring has to be practical and withstand quite a bit of traffic too, after all it’s where you come and go with muddy shoes (and paws!), soaking wet umbrellas and everything else associated with daily life!

In this blog, we’ve put together a list considerations you need to keep in mind when you next come to update your flooring in the hallway. Keep on reading to find out more…



The flooring in your hall is entirely up to you, however, we always make sure customers are fully informed before making their final decision.

If they’re keen to go for carpet, then we recommend good quality ranges that will cope with traffic as well as having stain resistant properties.

Or for those looking at vinyl, we will often suggest something with texture so that it offers grip which will reduce the possibility of anyone slipping over on it. It is also waterproof, therefore, ideal when you come in from a wet day.

Finally laminate flooring offers a great alternative to real wood which looks great in a hallway and will last for many years. A top tip is to lay it length ways so it will make the space appear longer!



If your hall is a large space then you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to flooring, you can choose an array of designs which will almost always look great.

However, for a small hall you need to choose wisely. Sometimes heavily patterned options can often make the area look even smaller, so try something plain or neutral with a light coloured pattern.



Most customers tend to have an overall colour scheme in mind for their home, so be sure to choose a flooring that complements this too.

If your home has been decorated with deep shades, you’ll want to continue this theme in the hallway. Or for homes that are mostly white or magnolia, opt for something light to continue to make it appear bright and airy.


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