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Back How the right flooring can make a room appear spacious

For many homeowners, making a room appear spacious is one of the most important design considerations.

From painting walls bright white to strategically placing mirrors around the room to reflect natural light - a lot of us go above and beyond to achieve a bright and airy space.

But you may not realise that a larger and lighter room starts with the flooring. Here are some helpful ways in which you can give the illusion of more space around your home.


Dark or Light

A lot of people think light flooring is the best way to create the appearance of a larger environment, however, you shouldn’t over look darker options.

Choosing a light colour floor can expand the perceived size of a room, especially cream carpets or natural, neutral or whitewashed laminate or luxury vinyl planks. These shades will draw in natural light from outside and make the space seem bigger.

However, dark wood flooring can also work by creating a welcoming environment and opening up the room. A top tip is to pair the floor with a cool shade on the wall for the ultimate result.


One for all

Having the same floor flowing throughout your home helps to create a seamless effect and can make it seem huge.

For example, you could have laminate or luxury vinyl flooring downstairs and a neutral carpet upstairs. However, don’t forget you’ll need a different flooring for the bathroom as it is susceptible to humidity and wetness.


The right direction

You’ll be surprised to know that the way flooring is installed can affect the way a room appears in terms of size.

One good trick is to have laminate or vinyl planks running parallel to the longest wall in the room - this instantly makes a room appear spacious.

This is even proven for carpet. If you’re carpeting a small room, avoid busy floral and too-intricate patterns, and opt for something with soft vertical stripes to help elongate the space.


Bigger is better

If you’ve gone for laminate or vinyl boards, be sure to choose a wider and longer style as there will be less seams on show, creating a fluid appearance.

The same applies to vinyl tiles, go for larger squares rather than small!

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