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Back Carpet trends to watch out for in 2018

Many of you will have already made a list about what home improvements you’re going to make this year. Whether it is a brand new kitchen, an extension or simply repainting the lounge, one factor you will take into account is the flooring and whether your new décor will complement it.

For many, carpets provide warmth and comfort which no other flooring can offer. Whilst most of us opt for ‘safe’ neutral tones, there are often new trends to keep an eye out for in the carpet world. Here are some examples:


Plush carpets tend to be favoured in bedrooms where softness is required whilst rougher textures are usually chosen for areas of the home which receive heavy traffic, such as hallways and stairs.

This year, however, we’ll see rougher textures spreading wider throughout the home, particularly in lounges and dining rooms where durability is needed. Stains are also less noticeable in textured piles which is a great benefit if you have children or pets.


Grey has become a staple colour within the home as its neutral tones can work within many rooms, creating a chic environment. But bold colours are set to make a big impact this year. We’re not talking about bright reds and pinks, think deep blues and greens which create a luxurious atmosphere and don’t be discouraged, the darkness often goes unnoticed.

Another popular trend will be the use of multi-colours - fortunately we’re not talking about garish swirly patterns but more ombré or faded designs. You will have seen the ombré style grow in popularity in clothing, cushions, rugs and even hair! The look works well for carpets especially when fitted in large rooms where furniture is at a minimum – after all, you wouldn’t want to hide it! 


Patterned carpets still remain popular but thankfully gone are the days of those hideous colourful 70s and 80s designs!

This year, geometric patterns will be prominent but in calm muted tones which means they won’t clash with other furnishings in the room. These look fabulous on the stairs and landing area as they create a warm and welcoming feeling for guests.


According to carpet manufacturer, Heckmondwike there is a big rise in demand for 100x25cm carpet planks. Although usually seen in commercial projects, it is now spreading into homes.

Carpet planks have plenty of advantages – they’re available in a wide choice of colours and create a unique focal point in a room which is particularly effective for open-plan spaces.

If you’d like more information on new carpet trends and advice as to what will work in your home, contact the friendly Bogans team today.


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